Community Organizations

Business Community

For Individuals

Miami-Dade’s 280 parks are designed to serve as restorative open spaces where people go to enjoy the values of the outdoors, pursue hobbies and interests, connect with like-minded people, boost their health, and disconnect from the daily stress of city living. Parks for people are:

  • De-stressing/relaxing
  • Fun
  • Connective
  • Healthy
  • Green
  • Socializing

For Families

Miami-Dade’s parks serve as the perfect spaces for families to have fun, learn and come together in a healthy atmosphere to enjoy a broad range of services and programs. Options include land and water adventures, nature centers, game courts, meeting spaces, golf courses, playgrounds and campgrounds, as well as age-appropriate activities and organized events. Parks for people are:

  • Wholesome
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
  • Connective
  • Educational
  • Healthy
  • Highly valuable

For Community Organizations and Groups

Miami-Dade’s parks are designed to serve as ideal venues where large groups can explore, learn, and enjoy a full range of amenities and services. These include spacious covered gazebos, game courts, swimming pools, nature centers, playgrounds, 17 miles of beaches, six marinas, and organized activities and events. Parks for organizations provide:

  • Excellent value
  • Amenities that welcome large groups (gazebos, bench tables, ample parking, etc.)
  • Fun
  • Educational opportunities
  • Broad range of activities, services, and programs

For the Business Community

Miami-Dade’s parks are vital to seizing our region’s potential to become a prosperous, world-class region and attract and retain the quality talent we need for sustained economic growth and success. Parks for the business community are:

  • ROI-driven
  • Connective
  • Socializing
  • Green
  • Informative
  • Beautiful
  • Accommodating
  • Engaging
  • Surprising/unexpected

We celebrate parks and their potential to make our community healthier, more connected, and one of the world’s greatest places to live.

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